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Georgia, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 32.1574351, Longitude: -82.90712300000001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Freeman, James  1814Georgia, USA I08044
2 Robertson, John Heard  1830Georgia, USA I24381
3 Perry, Susan Ann Hamill  19 May 1838Georgia, USA I24382
4 Thomas, Mary C.  19 Jun 1839Georgia, USA I24506
5 Blalock, Mary Ann  5 Nov 1839Georgia, USA I07625
6 Banning, Joseph Adin  22 Nov 1841Georgia, USA I08216
7 Freeman, Elizabeth Sarah  4 Dec 1843Georgia, USA I08869
8 Towns, Julia Terry  Dec 1849Georgia, USA I07954
9 Kener, Eugenia C.  Aug 1856Georgia, USA I07913
10 DuPree, William  1858Georgia, USA I09735
11 Cantrell, Oscar Holmes  Sep 1863Georgia, USA I24426
12 Garrett, Milton Joseph  5 Dec 1863Georgia, USA I08835
13 Kener, Thomas B.  Jun 1864Georgia, USA I07944
14 Banning, James C.  4 Apr 1865Georgia, USA I07642
15 Siliette, Carrie R.  Dec 1868Georgia, USA I08836
16 Latimer, Grace  1870Georgia, USA I09736
17 Banning, Herbert M.  1872Georgia, USA I07921
18 Montgomery, Susan A.  6 Dec 1873Georgia, USA I08046
19 Strozier, William Terry  31 Jan 1874Georgia, USA I07946
20 Banning, Henry  1876Georgia, USA I07922
21 Peavy, Annie May  May 1876Georgia, USA I07915
22 Banning, Genie  13 Jan 1877Georgia, USA I07918
23 Peavy, Maggie  Apr 1878Georgia, USA I07916
24 Strozier, Bettie M.  May 1879Georgia, USA I08052
25 Peavy, George L.  Apr 1880Georgia, USA I07917
26 Lane, Lottie  Aug 1884Georgia, USA I9737
27 Lane, Mickie  Jun 1887Georgia, USA I15014
28 Peavy, Mary L.  Mar 1888Georgia, USA I08169
29 Lane, Ellen  Jul 1888Georgia, USA I24385
30 Lane, Devanie K.  4 May 1892Georgia, USA I24386
31 Peavy, Eugene  Nov 1892Georgia, USA I08170
32 Kener, Ellen  16 Jun 1893Georgia, USA I08165
33 Lane, Iverson Hill  22 May 1895Georgia, USA I24387
34 Kener, Grace  Jun 1895Georgia, USA I08166
35 Lane, Nelle V.  Jan 1897Georgia, USA I24388
36 Hinton, Sarah  20 Jan 1897Georgia, USA I08168
37 Lane, Liza  Nov 1897Georgia, USA I24389
38 Strozier, William Terry  20 Dec 1900Georgia, USA I07947
39 Hinton, Ellen  21 Jun 1902Georgia, USA I08243
40 Eubanks, Robert Barrett  25 Jun 1902Georgia, USA I24450
41 Lane, Myrtice  1904Georgia, USA I24390
42 Hinton, Francis  28 May 1904Georgia, USA I08244
43 Strozier, Ruth  Oct 1907Georgia, USA I07948
44 Hinton, William Henry  1909Georgia, USA I08245
45 Freeman, Joseph Banning  30 May 1909Georgia, USA I08242
46 Cole, Raymond Edwin  21 Aug 1909Georgia, USA I07952
47 Robertson, James L.  1912Georgia, USA I24392
48 ?, Blanche K.  1914Georgia, USA I24400
49 Archer, Mary Lane  1914Georgia, USA I24412
50 Robertson, Clarence  1914Georgia, USA I24393

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Banning, Myrtis Azubah  12 Aug 1874Georgia, USA I07616