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Scotland, United Kingdom


Country : Latitude: 56.49067119999999, Longitude: -4.2026458000000275


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Helen  1855Scotland, United Kingdom I12422
2 ?, Margaret  16 Sep 1839Scotland, United Kingdom I17346
3 ?, Margaret  1842Scotland, United Kingdom I15247
4 ?, Mary  1849Scotland, United Kingdom I10956
5 ?, Mary  1851Scotland, United Kingdom I29871
6 Anderson, Euphemia  1755Scotland, United Kingdom I29916
7 Camelon, John  1820Scotland, United Kingdom I12126
8 Carmichael, Thomas  1864Scotland, United Kingdom I10739
9 Currie, Nora  1902Scotland, United Kingdom I12031
10 Drew, Elizabeth Allison  5 Oct 1881Scotland, United Kingdom I10847
11 Gordon, Sarah  21 Oct 1798Scotland, United Kingdom I30313
12 Haigg, Elizabeth  Scotland, United Kingdom I25960
13 Hull, Jessie  1871Scotland, United Kingdom I28649
14 Johnston, Elizabeth  1825Scotland, United Kingdom I10584
15 Johnston, James  1823Scotland, United Kingdom I10588
16 Johnston, Johana  1 Apr 1830Scotland, United Kingdom I04022
17 Kier, William  1746Scotland, United Kingdom I04399
18 Lowdon, Marjory  1868Scotland, United Kingdom I05866
19 Lowdon, William  1835Scotland, United Kingdom I05864
20 Mackintosh, Colin Percy  1888Scotland, United Kingdom I17791
21 MacLeod, John Edward  28 Jan 1908Scotland, United Kingdom I24785
22 MacPherson, John Thomas  1864Scotland, United Kingdom I1034
23 McCainish, Alice  1750Scotland, United Kingdom I04400
24 McCallum, Catharine  16 Apr 1814Scotland, United Kingdom I04401
25 McClelland, Dark Gordon  Scotland, United Kingdom I00845
26 McDonald, Agnes McKee  8 Jul 1929Scotland, United Kingdom I02251
27 McDonell, Angus  1705Scotland, United Kingdom I29836
28 McGee, Henry  1810Scotland, United Kingdom I26
29 McGee, Mary  1803Scotland, United Kingdom I25965
30 McGee, William  1792Scotland, United Kingdom I23
31 McGregor, Janet  1802Scotland, United Kingdom I27156
32 McGregor, Thomas  1 Oct 1819Scotland, United Kingdom I17495
33 McIndon, Jessie Walker  29 Aug 1862Scotland, United Kingdom I12798
34 McKay, Donald  14 Oct 1809Scotland, United Kingdom I12105
35 McKay, Janet  1814Scotland, United Kingdom I12106
36 McKay, Margaret  1790Scotland, United Kingdom I3943
37 McKay, Thomas  2 Sep 1807Scotland, United Kingdom I12104
38 McKirdy, Michael  1851Scotland, United Kingdom I2216
39 McLaren, Annie  Scotland, United Kingdom I04485
40 McNeill, George A.  1877Scotland, United Kingdom I21182
41 Mealy, William  1886Scotland, United Kingdom I2157
42 Munro, John  1794Scotland, United Kingdom I17836
43 Murray, Isabelle  Scotland, United Kingdom I15650
44 Nish, James  1760Scotland, United Kingdom I01477
45 Ritchie, Helen  1834Scotland, United Kingdom I05865
46 Sanders, Jane Elliott  Apr 1854Scotland, United Kingdom I09767
47 Sanders, Maxwell  1867Scotland, United Kingdom I09769
48 Taylor, John Coates  1836Scotland, United Kingdom I12111
49 Walker, Robert Sinclair  29 Oct 1908Scotland, United Kingdom I18050
50 Wark, Christena  1831Scotland, United Kingdom I12127

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Begg, Jane  Scotland, United Kingdom I02260
2 McKerracher, Donald  29 Oct 1857Scotland, United Kingdom I29925
3 Munro, Alexander Thomas  5 Jul 1850Scotland, United Kingdom I02267
4 Munro, Isabel Ellen  1795Scotland, United Kingdom I32066
5 Stuart, Flora Emily Windsor  26 Aug 1973Scotland, United Kingdom I3172


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McKay / Mcdonald  1830Scotland, United Kingdom F1057