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Ipswich, Suffolk, England



City/Town : Latitude: 52.056736, Longitude: 1.1482200000000375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brill, Mary Ann Elizabeth  Jul 1858Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15189
2 Burch, Reginald Allan  22 Nov 1906Ipswich, Suffolk, England I12182
3 Cooper, Elizabeth Jane  14 Oct 1875Ipswich, Suffolk, England I12180
4 Cullum, Daisy Edna Mary  19 Aug 1916Ipswich, Suffolk, England I12181
5 Curtis, Arthur George  17 Oct 1889Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15169
6 Curtis, Charles  Jan 1865Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15167
7 Curtis, Gertrude Maude  26 May 1886Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15168
8 Curtis, May Victoria  Jun 1901Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15214
9 Curtis, Priscilla Sarah  20 Aug 1894Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15213
10 Durant, John  1847Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15200
11 Farthing, Albert Edward  Mar 1902Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15178
12 Farthing, Alfred George  Jan 1871Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15160
13 Farthing, Alice Mabel  28 Jul 1905Ipswich, Suffolk, England I00309
14 Farthing, Alice Sarah  Dec 1889Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15202
15 Farthing, Alice T.  1890Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15198
16 Farthing, Arthur John  Jun 1873Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15161
17 Farthing, Charles James  1864Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15158
18 Farthing, Charles William  Feb 1891Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15163
19 Farthing, Elizabeth  1879Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15195
20 Farthing, Emily Lillian R.  12 Dec 1889Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15209
21 Farthing, Emma Elizabeth  5 Nov 1853Ipswich, Suffolk, England I05862
22 Farthing, Eva Amelia M.  Jun 1896Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15210
23 Farthing, Florence Eleanor  11 Jul 1903Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15212
24 Farthing, Hannah Elizabeth  Feb 1881Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15196
25 Farthing, Harold Wilfred S.  28 Feb 1901Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15211
26 Farthing, Harry Edward  Mar 1863Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15157
27 Farthing, Harry George W.  9 Apr 1885Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15208
28 Farthing, John Hubert Baden Powell  24 Jul 1900Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15172
29 Farthing, Maria Seadon  Dec 1866Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15159
30 Farthing, Priscilla  Mar 1856Ipswich, Suffolk, England I05849
31 Farthing, Priscilla Maria  Jun 1873Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15170
32 Farthing, Rachael Elizabeth  Jan 1894Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15164
33 Farthing, Robert  12 Jul 1852Ipswich, Suffolk, England I05861
34 Farthing, Robert Charles  Jun 1884Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15197
35 Farthing, Samuel James  7 Apr 1895Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15165
36 Farthing, Susannah Elsie  Mar 1900Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15175
37 Farthing, Walter William D.  Sep 1884Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15201
38 Farthing, William Issachar  Oct 1897Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15166
39 Farthing, William James  Mar 1898Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15199
40 Ford, Alice  1881Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15185
41 Ford, Charles William  Sep 1875Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15183
42 Ford, Isabella Elizabeth  Dec 1878Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15184
43 Ford, James  1874Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15182
44 Ford, Lucy Emma  Dec 1884Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15187
45 Gammage, Elizabeth Lydia  1873Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15162
46 Gammage, Hannah  1882Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15177
47 Gammage, Sophia  1873Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15176
48 Roper, Amelia Elizabeth  1871Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15174
49 Roper, Eliza  1874Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15171
50 Roper, Mellia  1869Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15173

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cracknell, John Harper  1970Ipswich, Suffolk, England I12310
2 Cullum, Oliver Crisp  Jun 1951Ipswich, Suffolk, England I09720
3 Curtis, Charles  Dec 1932Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15167
4 Curtis, Gertrude Maude  Dec 1970Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15168
5 Curtis, Priscilla Sarah  Dec 1974Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15213
6 Farthing, Alfred George  Mar 1927Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15160
7 Farthing, Arthur John  Dec 1932Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15161
8 Farthing, David  Dec 1860Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15206
9 Farthing, Emily Lillian R.  Dec 1982Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15209
10 Farthing, Eva Amelia M.  Jun 1945Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15210
11 Farthing, Florence Eleanor  Mar 1995Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15212
12 Farthing, Hannah Elizabeth  Oct 1882Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15196
13 Farthing, Harold Wilfred S.  1974Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15211
14 Farthing, Harry Edward  Apr 1939Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15157
15 Farthing, Harry George W.  Mar 1980Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15208
16 Farthing, John Hubert Baden Powell  Dec 1977Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15172
17 Farthing, Rachael Elizabeth  1964Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15164
18 Farthing, Robert  Dec 1925Ipswich, Suffolk, England I05861
19 Farthing, Samuel James  Jun 1978Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15165
20 Farthing, William  Jun 1886Ipswich, Suffolk, England I05859
21 Farthing, William Issachar  18 Aug 1942Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15156
22 Ford, Isabella Elizabeth  Mar 1969Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15184
23 Ford, Priscilla  24 Jun 1951Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15186
24 Gammage, Elizabeth Lydia  Jun 1933Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15162
25 Stannard, Emily Elizabeth  Jun 1939Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15207
26 Vineyard, Caroline  Sep 1976Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15180
27 Warren, Elizabeth  Mar 1914Ipswich, Suffolk, England I05860
28 Went, Caroline  Jun 1928Ipswich, Suffolk, England I15205


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   2 Nov 1881Ipswich, Suffolk, England F7224
2 Curtis / Farthing  Oct 1885Ipswich, Suffolk, England F14904
3 Durant / Farthing  1898Ipswich, Suffolk, England F14914
4 Farthing / Gammage  Mar 1889Ipswich, Suffolk, England F14903
5 Farthing / Roper  Apr 1891Ipswich, Suffolk, England F14908
6 Knight / Farthing  2 Nov 1881Ipswich, Suffolk, England F1979
7 Wrigley / Farthing  1914Ipswich, Suffolk, England F14910