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Matching, Essex, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.788452, Longitude: 0.2080230000000256


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Susannah  1825Matching, Essex, England I05677
2 Brewer, Mary  1818Matching, Essex, England I02933
3 Butcher, Sarah  1844Matching, Essex, England I03827
4 Church, Elizabeth  1821Matching, Essex, England I00747
5 Cornell, George  1842Matching, Essex, England I01270
6 Foster, Annie  1825Matching, Essex, England I06302
7 Foster, Benjamin  1826Matching, Essex, England I01215
8 Foster, Cornelius  1837Matching, Essex, England I01222
9 Foster, Elizabeth  1827Matching, Essex, England I01216
10 Foster, John  1833Matching, Essex, England I01219
11 Foster, Jonathon  1796Matching, Essex, England I01212
12 Foster, Jonathon  1826Matching, Essex, England I01214
13 Foster, Martha  1839Matching, Essex, England I00726
14 Foster, Mary  1824Matching, Essex, England I01211
15 Foster, Rebecca  1828Matching, Essex, England I01217
16 Foster, Roselea  1864Matching, Essex, England I01256
17 Foster, Sarah  1836Matching, Essex, England I01221
18 Foster, Susanna  1835Matching, Essex, England I01220
19 Hazelwood, Arthur John  Dec 1866Matching, Essex, England I02067
20 Hazelwood, Caroline  1832Matching, Essex, England I01296
21 Hazelwood, Charles  1848Matching, Essex, England I01118
22 Hazelwood, Clara  1868Matching, Essex, England I00729
23 Hazelwood, Ellen  1852Matching, Essex, England I01119
24 Hazelwood, Ellen Foster  1863Matching, Essex, England I00728
25 Hazelwood, Emily  1859Matching, Essex, England I01179
26 Hazelwood, Emma  1847Matching, Essex, England I01297
27 Hazelwood, Francis John  15 Oct 1854Matching, Essex, England I01177
28 Hazelwood, Frank Foster  1874Matching, Essex, England I00730
29 Hazelwood, Herbert Edward  9 Feb 1870Matching, Essex, England I00023
30 Hazelwood, Maria  9 Nov 1856Matching, Essex, England I01178
31 Hazelwood, Matilda  19 Dec 1852Matching, Essex, England I01176
32 Hazelwood, Percy John  10 May 1876Matching, Essex, England I00732
33 Hazelwood, Sarah Ann  22 Jun 1862Matching, Essex, England I01181
34 Hazlewood, Maria  1856Matching, Essex, England I10643
35 Silcock, Catherine  1838Matching, Essex, England I01243
36 Silcock, Emma  1835Matching, Essex, England I01252
37 Silcock, Frederick  1834Matching, Essex, England I01251
38 Silcock, Joseph  1831Matching, Essex, England I01250
39 Silcock, Louisa  1844Matching, Essex, England I01255
40 Silcock, Montague  1888Matching, Essex, England I01261
41 Silcock, Percival H.  1886Matching, Essex, England I01260
42 Silcock, Thomas  1804Matching, Essex, England I01248
43 Silcock, Thomas  1842Matching, Essex, England I01254


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hazelwood, Emily  24 May 1860Matching, Essex, England I01179