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Norwich, Norfolk, England



City/Town : Latitude: 52.6308859, Longitude: 1.2973550000000387


1891 England Census
1891 England Census
Norwich, Norfolk
1911 England Census
1911 England Census
Norwich, Norfolk

St Peter Mancroft Parish Church, Norwich, Norfolk
St Peter Mancroft Parish Church, Norwich, Norfolk
The present building was built in the 15th century, almost entirely faced with limestone brought from many miles away by land and sea since there is no local free-stone in Norfolk.

Millenium Plain & Hay Hill, Norwich


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burton, Reginald George  30 Jul 1913Norwich, Norfolk, England I30202
2 Catling, Alfred Foster  23 Apr 1895Norwich, Norfolk, England I08152
3 Catling, Alfred John  1860Norwich, Norfolk, England I08154
4 Catling, Allan Benjamin  5 Aug 1902Norwich, Norfolk, England I10729
5 Catling, Earnest Augustus  1868Norwich, Norfolk, England I08150
6 Catling, Joseph Benjamin  1870Norwich, Norfolk, England I08153
7 Catling, Sarah Maria  1867Norwich, Norfolk, England I08151
8 Catling, Susan Sofia  1864Norwich, Norfolk, England I08155
9 Chase, James F.  1823Norwich, Norfolk, England I03870
10 Chase, Robert  1822Norwich, Norfolk, England I03861
11 China, Jessie Margaret May  14 Aug 1917Norwich, Norfolk, England I30361
12 China, Walter Frederick  27 Mar 1877Norwich, Norfolk, England I30360
13 Edwards, Henry George  28 Nov 1898Norwich, Norfolk, England I30200
14 Foster, Elizabeth  1861Norwich, Norfolk, England I01233
15 Foster, Mary Ellen  1870Norwich, Norfolk, England I01239
16 George, Queenie Edelina  2 Feb 1901Norwich, Norfolk, England I29142
17 Hazelwood, Angela  29 Jul 1939Norwich, Norfolk, England I08772
18 Howard, John  1809Norwich, Norfolk, England I07132
19 Knights, Beatrice N.  1885Norwich, Norfolk, England I12491
20 Reynolds, Theresa Emily  13 Jul 1915Norwich, Norfolk, England I30201
21 Sant, Frank Henry  6 Jul 1909Norwich, Norfolk, England I30195
22 Sant, George William  14 Nov 1904Norwich, Norfolk, England I30193
23 Sant, Hilda Evelyn  1907Norwich, Norfolk, England I30194
24 Sword, Audrey May  20 Feb 1912Norwich, Norfolk, England I30199
25 Weston, Philip Edward  9 May 1918Norwich, Norfolk, England I30260


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Sarah  1904Norwich, Norfolk, England I01230
2 Burton, Reginald George  1971Norwich, Norfolk, England I30202
3 Campen, Eveline Susan  1946Norwich, Norfolk, England I30170
4 Campen, Frank  Apr 1987Norwich, Norfolk, England I30174
5 Catling, Alfred Foster  1977Norwich, Norfolk, England I08152
6 Catling, Joseph Benjamin  13 Aug 1939Norwich, Norfolk, England I08153
7 China, Jessie Margaret May  Aug 2004Norwich, Norfolk, England I30361
8 China, Walter Frederick  1949Norwich, Norfolk, England I30360
9 Dunn, Minnie Emily  1888Norwich, Norfolk, England I12495
10 Foster, Benjamin  1871Norwich, Norfolk, England I01231
11 Foster, Benjamin  1902Norwich, Norfolk, England I01215
12 Foster, Mary Ellen  1958Norwich, Norfolk, England I01239
13 Foster, Sarah Ellen  1928Norwich, Norfolk, England I01232
14 George, Queenie Edelina  1978Norwich, Norfolk, England I29142
15 Hazelwood, Angela  1939Norwich, Norfolk, England I08772
16 Hazlewood, Edgar  9 Mar 1957Norwich, Norfolk, England I03665
17 Sant, Frank Henry  Dec 1989Norwich, Norfolk, England I30195
18 Sant, George  1916Norwich, Norfolk, England I30192
19 Sant, Hilda Evelyn  1938Norwich, Norfolk, England I30194
20 Sealey, Ida Olive Investie  1963Norwich, Norfolk, England I30298
21 Wright, Frederick Henry  1881Norwich, Norfolk, England I15262


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   1869Norwich, Norfolk, England F5615
2 /   Oct 1930Norwich, Norfolk, England F9303
3 Drewry / Foster  1880Norwich, Norfolk, England F0392
4 Edwards / Sant  1935Norwich, Norfolk, England F14632
5 Foster / Howard  1869Norwich, Norfolk, England F0393
6 Goodrum / Drewry  Oct 1930Norwich, Norfolk, England F4258
7 Hazlewood / George  1940Norwich, Norfolk, England F14206
8 Knights / Dunn  1882Norwich, Norfolk, England F4249
9 Knights / Dunn  1890Norwich, Norfolk, England F4247
10 Sant / Reynolds  1973Norwich, Norfolk, England F14633
11 Sant / Sword  1938Norwich, Norfolk, England F14631