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Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand


City/Town : Latitude: -41.2864603, Longitude: 174.77623600000004


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Callow, Douglas William  7 Aug 1913Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I29002
2 Callow, Horace  16 Jan 1917Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I29004
3 Callow, Norman  Jul 1915Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I29003
4 Foothead, Ivy Ruth  1894Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01378
5 Hazlewood, Carol Mary Grenside  UNKNOWNWellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01204
6 Hazlewood, Charles Garnet  31 May 1887Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01190
7 Hazlewood, Daphne Ruth Maud  UNKNOWNWellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01202
8 Hazlewood, Donald Gordon  UNKNOWNWellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01203
9 Hazlewood, Eileen Paula  9 May 1918Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01200
10 Hazlewood, Elizabeth Jane  20 Sep 1882Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01187
11 Hazlewood, Emily  26 Dec 1871Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01182
12 Hazlewood, Emily Elizabeth  3 Oct 1901Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01380
13 Hazlewood, Ernest John  5 Feb 1911Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01388
14 Hazlewood, Frances Matilda  24 Aug 1909Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01196
15 Hazlewood, Francis Gordon  13 Feb 1885Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01188
16 Hazlewood, George  25 Oct 1878Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01185
17 Hazlewood, James Stanley  1 Apr 1887Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01189
18 Hazlewood, John  27 Mar 1875Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01184
19 Hazlewood, Matilda  31 Jan 1881Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01186
20 Hazlewood, Maurice Arthur  12 Jul 1918Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01391
21 Hazlewood, Mavis Nola  1913Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01198
22 Hazlewood, Olive Daphne Thelma  10 Sep 1904Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01385
23 Hazlewood, Pearl Lydia  1911Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01197
24 Hazlewood, Raymond Francis  1908Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01195
25 Hazlewood, Robert Keith  10 Aug 1913Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01390
26 Hazlewood, Ruth Lillian  10 Sep 1903Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01381
27 Hazlewood, Thomas Oliver  19 Apr 1891Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01191
28 Hazlewood, Valmai June  4 Dec 1919Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01201
29 Hazlewood, William Crush  22 May 1873Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01183
30 Hazlewood, William Samuel  29 Aug 1907Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01386
31 Pettett, Kathy Elizabeth  7 Feb 1884Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01377
32 Pickering, Emily  28 Dec 1853Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01133
33 Vail, Horace Edward  17 Dec 1904Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I29162
34 Ward, Kathleen Florence May  7 Sep 1908Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01387


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bolton, Kenneth  1965Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I1194
2 Foothead, Ivy Ruth  1941Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01378
3 Free, Beatrice Lillian  21 Sep 1949Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01370
4 Free, Ruth Lydia  23 Oct 1971Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01192
5 Hazlewood, Eileen Paula  5 Dec 1994Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01200
6 Hazlewood, Elizabeth Jane  8 Jan 1904Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01187
7 Hazlewood, Emily  5 Aug 1895Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01182
8 Hazlewood, Francis Gordon  31 Aug 1959Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01188
9 Hazlewood, James Stanley  2 May 1971Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01189
10 Hazlewood, Jean Sylvia  1925Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I29436
11 Hazlewood, Matilda  15 Feb 1976Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01186
12 Hazlewood, Mavis Nola  30 Dec 1985Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01198
13 Hazlewood, Pearl Lydia  1988Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01197
14 Hazlewood, Raymond Francis  1985Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01195
15 Hazlewood, Stanley James  1988Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I29432
16 Hazlewood, William Crush  26 Sep 1956Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01183
17 Pettett, Kathy Elizabeth  20 May 1962Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01377
18 Pickering, Emily  14 May 1898Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01133
19 Pickering, John  1881Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand I01134


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   1871Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand F5585
2 /    F5601
3 Callow / Hazlewood  20 Dec 1911Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand F0430
4 Hazlewood / Beahan  1950Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand F14157
5 Hazlewood / Davison  23 Mar 1921Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand F0433
6 Hazlewood / Free  9 Nov 1907Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand F0383
7 Hazlewood / Phipps-Kelly  27 May 1944Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand F0439
8 Hazlewood / Pickering  1871Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand F0378