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Weybread, Suffolk, England



City/Town : Latitude: 52.3736559, Longitude: 1.2965990000000147


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barber, Martha  1789Weybread, Suffolk, England I12329
2 Fairhead, Arnold M.  1880Weybread, Suffolk, England I12407
3 Harper, Agnes  1885Weybread, Suffolk, England I12449
4 Harper, Alice  1873Weybread, Suffolk, England I12409
5 Harper, Annie  1884Weybread, Suffolk, England I12455
6 Harper, Annie  1890Weybread, Suffolk, England I12451
7 Harper, Charles  20 Sep 1793Weybread, Suffolk, England I12326
8 Harper, Charles  25 Oct 1829Weybread, Suffolk, England I12349
9 Harper, Charles  2 Nov 1833Weybread, Suffolk, England I12335
10 Harper, Charles  1852Weybread, Suffolk, England I12367
11 Harper, Charles  1868Weybread, Suffolk, England I12386
12 Harper, Charles G.  1891Weybread, Suffolk, England I12447
13 Harper, Christiana  1881Weybread, Suffolk, England I12405
14 Harper, Edith  1888Weybread, Suffolk, England I12450
15 Harper, Elijah  6 Jul 1802Weybread, Suffolk, England I12328
16 Harper, Eliza  1857Weybread, Suffolk, England I12368
17 Harper, Eliza Annie  1838Weybread, Suffolk, England I12332
18 Harper, Frederick  1880Weybread, Suffolk, England I12411
19 Harper, George  15 Jan 1826Weybread, Suffolk, England I12357
20 Harper, George  1834Weybread, Suffolk, England I12353
21 Harper, George  1865Weybread, Suffolk, England I12384
22 Harper, Harriet  1845Weybread, Suffolk, England I12359
23 Harper, Harriet Rebecca  1870Weybread, Suffolk, England I12387
24 Harper, Jacob  21 Feb 1824Weybread, Suffolk, England I12330
25 Harper, Jacob  1866Weybread, Suffolk, England I12380
26 Harper, James  1826Weybread, Suffolk, England I12350
27 Harper, John  1830Weybread, Suffolk, England I12351
28 Harper, Louisa M.  1872Weybread, Suffolk, England I12408
29 Harper, Mary  21 Jul 1830Weybread, Suffolk, England I12334
30 Harper, Mary  1866Weybread, Suffolk, England I12385
31 Harper, Norah Lillian  31 Dec 1907Weybread, Suffolk, England I12390
32 Harper, Phoebe  1832Weybread, Suffolk, England I12352
33 Harper, Rhoda  1882Weybread, Suffolk, England I12454
34 Harper, Susan  1836Weybread, Suffolk, England I12356
35 Harper, Susan  1862Weybread, Suffolk, England I12379
36 Harper, Thomas William  1879Weybread, Suffolk, England I12404
37 Harper, Victoria  1883Weybread, Suffolk, England I12448
38 Harper, Walter  1877Weybread, Suffolk, England I12388
39 Harper, William  26 Nov 1827Weybread, Suffolk, England I12331
40 Harper, William  1875Weybread, Suffolk, England I12410
41 Wickens, Charles  1858Weybread, Suffolk, England I12499
42 Wickens, Eliza  1860Weybread, Suffolk, England I12500
43 Wickens, Harriet  1856Weybread, Suffolk, England I12498


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barber, Martha  14 Jun 1846Weybread, Suffolk, England I12329
2 Harper, Charles  Oct 1842Weybread, Suffolk, England I12286
3 Harper, Francis  1844Weybread, Suffolk, England I12293
4 Harper, George  10 May 1897Weybread, Suffolk, England I12357
5 Harper, Jacob  Jun 1881Weybread, Suffolk, England I12330
6 Riches, Eliza  20 Feb 1918Weybread, Suffolk, England I12381


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Harper / Barber  27 Feb 1821Weybread, Suffolk, England F4207
2 Harper / Riches  4 Nov 1864Weybread, Suffolk, England F4220