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William Shuckforth Grigson

Male 1845 - 1930  (84 years)



Family of William & Mary Grigson

Canon and Mrs Grigson in the Vicarage Garden at Pelynt with their seven sons, six of whom died serving their country. The youngest son, Geoffrey, was the only one to live to old age.

Standing L-R: Claude, Kenneth, Wilfred, Lionel
Seated L-R: William, Aubrey, John, Mary
Front on Ground: Geoffrey

Owner of originalhttps://livesofthefirstworldwar.iwm.org.uk/
Datec. 1912
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Linked toMary Beatrice Boldero; Aubrey Herbert Grigson; Claude Vivian Grigson; Geoffrey Edward Harvey Grigson; John William Boldero Grigson; Kenneth Walton Grigson; Lionel Henry Shuckforth Grigson; Wilfred Vernon Grigson; William Shuckforth Grigson